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An effective feed ingredient for all livestock.

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The Corn Gluten Feed (CGF) helps to create energy-rich milk way more efficiently, thus increasing the complete milk production while lowering the fat level at the same time. Experienced Austrian and Hungarian farmers affirmed that “The consumption-fit protein in 1 kg of CGF is enough to raise the milk yield even up to 3 litres”.
While every amylaceous component decreases the microflora activity in the rumen. CGF forage is ideal forage supplement to reduce rumen’s amylaceous strain. Therefore CGF is recommended as a feed ingredient for silage like grain maize.
The wet CFS’s balanced protein, energy and fiber content makes it an ideal forage for both dairy and store cattle. The biological moisture increases the daily dry matter intake, while the everyday feed could be lowered cost-efficiently. Ensiled or reeled (apart or mixed with corn silage) the silage could be stored under proper conditions. By further drying of the wet CGF, a 90% dry matter rate, keepable and handy (easy moving, storing or mixing) supplement (CGF pellet) is won. This fits easily to the ruminants forage system as part of the feed or per se. It’s protein content is multiple of corn’s at an almost identic energy content level.
Corn gluten feed is a mixture of maize bran and high-protein content maize steep liquor. It offers an economic feeding solution for ruminants, swine, poultry or pet by containing maize bran’s grain, protein and glucose at an optimal mixture.
CGF is an effective feed ingredient for every animal stock based on their individual age.

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